'Childhood Landmarks'. 30" sterling silver, graphite, gouache, 
 ink, colored pencil, mica,  glass lenses;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Twisted Wire Bead necklace, 18-20" sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Rock' necklace, 18" sterling silver;  Kathleen Faulkner

'High Flyers' necklace\earrings, sterling silver, gouache, graphite, mica;  Kathleen Faulkner

Necklace, 40" sterling silver;  Kathleen Faulkner

Necklace 28" sterling silver;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Ode to Blossy'  18-20" discs 2-2.5" sterling silver, paper
graphite, gouache, glass lenses;  Kathleen Faulkner

"Cosmos', 20-24" various sized components, sterling silver,
 colored pencil, paper, mica;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Flora' Necklace, 18-22" various sized 
components, sterling silver, paper, ink, 
graphite, watercolor, mica;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Indicator Species Series:  Illuminated Kelp'
Necklace 18 - 20" chain, 2 - 2.5" discs, 
sterling silver, gouache, paper, watercolor, 
glass lenses;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Safety First'  Milagro Necklace 20"
sterling silver, paper, ink, gouache, graphite,
mica;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Volcano' chain: 18-20" discs: 2-2.5"  sterling
silver, gouache, paper, glass lenses;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Pine' 1.75" diameter, sterling silver, paper, colored 
pencil, ink, mica;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Love Me' chain 18" bat 3x5" sterling silver, colored pencil,
paper, mica;  Kathleen Faulkner

'Our Town' 30" discs 2" diameter; colored
pencil, paper, glass lenses; Kathleen Faulkner

'Her Eyes a Bashful Azure'
front; chain 30" body parts
1.5x1.75" sterling silver,
colored pencil, paper, mica

'Her Eyes a Bashful Azure'

'Construct' sterling silver, found
material; Kathleen Faulkner

'Construct' back; Kathleen Faulkner

'Webster's New World Dictionary,
Aardvark through Azure' Necklace,
38" , paper, ink, sterling silver,
 colored pencil, mineral glass;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Dickinson' Necklace FRONT; 5.25x1.25, chain
doubled: 24"' sterling silver, paper, oil pastel,
mica, Kathleen Faulkner: photo: David Scherrer

'Dickinson' Necklace BACK, 5.25x1.25, chain 
doubled:  24"; sterling silver, paper, ink, oil 
pastel, mica, Kathleen Faulkner; 
photo: David Scherrer

'Birds of a Feather' 20" Neckpiece;  sterling
silver, colored pencil on paper, glass lens, 
onyx beads; Kathleen Faulkner

'Meet my Friend and Neighbor'  36" Neckpiece;
sterling silver, colored pencil on paper, mica;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Wired' Neckpiece; 66". fine and sterling 
silver, oxidation;  Kathleen Faulkner

Neckpiece; 37",  found
objects, sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

Untitled 30x1.5" sterling silver, Kathleen Faulkner
photo: Ron Sawyer

'Animalia" 24" length, various sizes, sterling silver; 
Kathleen Faulkner

'Rialto Beach' 24x1.5x.5"sterling silver; 
Kathleen Faulkner; photo: Ron Sawyer

'Bamboo' 1.5" bead, sterling silver, 
Kathleen Faulkner; photo: Ron Sawyer

Untitled 20" length, sterling silver, Kathleen Faulkner

'The Ayes Have It' 24x1" sterling silver, colored pencil, mica;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Gyokuro' 24x.75" sterling silver, tea bag images, mica; 
Kathleen Faulkner;  photo: David Scherrer

'Birdsville' 20x1.5" sterling silver, hematite, colored pencil, 
glass lens, paper; Kathleen Faulkner 
photo:David Scherrer

'Low Tide' 24",  sterling silver, oil pastel on
paper, glass lens, pearls;  Kathleen Faulkner

'I Used to be a King'  18" sterling and fine silver, copper, pottery shards,
rocks, seed beads; Kathleen Faulkner

'Organic Form' 1.5x18" sterling silver
hollow formed, leather; Kathleen Faulkner

'Jack Island' 20" sterling silver, slate; Kathleen Faulkner

'Pod' 20" sterling silver, pods, pigment; Kathleen Faulkner

'Variations on a Theme' sterling and
fine silver, beach rocks; Kathleen Faulkner

Neckpiece;  glass shards, sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

Neckpiece; glass shards, sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Recurring Dream' fine and sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

'New Growth II; sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

'The Journal' Neckpiece and earrings documenting 
the flora and fauna discovered by Lewis and Clark on 
their journey from the east to the west and back again;
fossilized walrus ivory, scrimshaw, sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

'Message in a Bottle' 36" found objects, poem,
sterling silver; Kathleen Faulkner