Thursday, March 28, 2019

Better than prozac

'Minus Tide' 24x24" oil pastel;  Kathleen Faulkner

I like to walk along the channel at low tide.  
there is so much to see and hear and smell

The Swinomish Channel connects Skagit Bay, to the south, with Padilla Bay to the north.  It separates Fidalgo Island from the mainland of Skagit County.
Eleven miles long, it was once a collection of shallow tidal sloughs, salt marshes and mudflats known as Swinomish Slough.
During the Depression, the Army Corps of Engineers used dredging and diking to make it a navigable channel.  It is heavily used today by many types of vessels.

I consider it one of the necessary ingredients for mental health.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A Love Story

'Edison Slough' (The Grass is Greener) 32x32" oil pastel;  Kathleen Faulkner

I spend a lot of time in and around Edison. 

In a couple blocks one can find three art galleries, a wood shop, a printmaking studio, a bakery, deli, two taverns, two eateries and four gift shops (all completely different). 
Soon there will also be a distillery.
On any given day one will run into at least a couple of artists and any number of eagles, hawks, geese, herons and ducks.  

I don't know why it works but it does.
 I'm grateful that this little town of Edison
has enhanced my life.