Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The story continues

'Dickinson' necklace 5.25x1.25" Chain: 24" doubled,
FRONT; sterling silver, paper, oilpastel, mica,
Kathleen Faulkner; photo: David Scherrer

When I am working on a body of jewelry, there is no such thing as planning designs as a group.  Ideas are scattered,  designs sometimes don't mix.  It is a conglomeration.  I just start with an idea and end up wherever it may lead.  Because of this, I sometimes end up over my head.  I guess that's good for growth.  
Fortunately this body of work came together and the overwhelm was overcome.  

The inspiration for this necklace began with a piece of scrap from an old oil pastel painting and a snippet of a poem by Emily Dickinson. her lovely words tell the story.  

'Dickinson'  necklace BACK;  sterling silver,
oil pastel, ink, paper, mica, Kathleen Faulkner;
photo: David Scherrer

'Women Working Words' at Facere Jewelry Art Gallery will open February 6th. Lecture at 4pm (RSVP) and champagne opening from 5-7pm