Sunday, August 28, 2011

The whole equals more..

I love the fog horns.  
The thick white blanket slowly burns off  
slivers of lovely sunshine warm the back of my head 
I pick the blueberries in the garden..

It's been an interesting week.  All weeks are but sometimes life becomes Enhanced.

Artwork created at Smoke Farm: artist unknown 
I recently spent a day at Smoke Farm.  The experience opened my mind, pried open an area I haven't visited for awhile, reminded me that the world of ideas is very large and anything is possible and the world, although small, can be quite large as well.

I've been thinking about it all week.  I want more.

Neckpiece; 18"  found glass, sterling silver;
Kathleen Faulkner

I spent the rest of this week finishing up a body of jewelry work for  Artisans on Taylor Gallery whose grand opening in a new location is September 1st in Port Townsend.  This is a new gallery for me and the pressure has been on.  

Of course other life events such as a broken computer, again, distractions, sad news, happy news,  and surprising news all mixed together to create a unique reality.

A new week, new day.  
A bowl of blueberries from my garden.  
Inspiration and a mind full of new thoughts and ideas 
Living by the Salish Sea: fog, sunny, sweet, salty sea smell,  my favorite.  

Life is good.

Organic blueberries from my garden.. yum