Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Bird in the Hand

'A Bird in the Hand', 10x8x2", shadowbox, colored pencil, sterling silver, glass lens
Kathleen Faulkner

The Pacific Northwest is world renowned for it's jewelry artists. Ramona Solberg, Ron Ho, Mary Lee Hu, Keith Lewis, and Kiff Slemmons have all called this area home and the list goes on.  The Northwest is as well known for it's jewelry artists as it is for it's glass.

Lots of competition

I came upon the idea of shadowboxes as an answer to a couple questions: how to combine drawing with metal and how to create something different to bring to the table.   These shadowboxes hang on the wall, can be opened from the back and the two brooches you see above can be removed and worn.
I've always been intrigued by idioms and word play so, I thought, why not illustrate them?  What resulted is a new series of work.  We'll see where this goes..

The most prestigious art jewelry gallery in the Northwest is Facere Gallery located in Seattle... a most amazing place.

Browse Facere Jewelry Art Gallery exhibits here    

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spider Web

"Spider Web" 5x9" Intaglio print, Kathleen Faulkner

thinking about  the webs we weave
  how life progresses
the people we become 

I am in a heady relationship with the environment.  Times are strange, though, and scary.  We're not sure how things will turn out, but we have our thoughts and ideas back there where we don't like to go.  We don't want to think about it too much because, if we do, it might be more than we can bear.

You know the old saying:  "the only sin is having the knowledge but choosing to ignore it."  I don't know who to credit that to but it's run through my mind now and then for most of my adult life and quite a bit, lately.

So, my thought to you is this:  we must bring out our best selves, step up to the plate and take care of each other.  This includes all species not just humans but plants and animals,  too.  We have to be proactive.  Little things count.  We must quickly start to think differently about things but not hate ourselves because it's hard and we don't like it or we mess up and we have to keep trying - Never give up!

As the Dalai Lama says,  " It's all about the love.."

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Snail Tale

There is an area down by the docks where I go to look for broken pottery, glass shards and miscellaneous flotsam.  It is interesting potential for jewelry.

I've heard that it used to be a dump site for the town - a bit unsettling if I think about it much.

I found it when I used to go to Flounder Bay Boatyard to visit Robert Sund, the Poet.  He lived in a very lovely little cabin in the lumber yard.  Everything about his place was a work of art and everything about him seemed to be a ceremony.

Sometimes we would visit outside in the yard while he'd hunt for those annoying snails that eat everything in sight and overwhelm the gardens here. 
They're everywhere, cause trouble and have no friends. Unlike most people, Robert would never kill them.  Instead, he'd collect them in a bowl and then take them across the street and over to the abandoned yard on the corner, wishing them well as he'd gently place them.   Very Buddhist

I first noticed that beach one day while traveling with Robert and the snails to their new home.

Ever since, I've made a point to go down and look.  There is always something.  My route takes me  by the place where Robert lived.  It has since been torn down and the new owners have built two 'cute' cottages in it's place but it will be Robert's home forever, in my mind.
Then, as I head for that beach, I pass by the 'dropping off place' and I always think of Robert and the snail tale.

"Flotsam" Neckpiece 30" sterling silver, glass shards, Kathleen Faulkner

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Fairy Tale

It's Spring and I'm starting to think about a hike in the North Cascades. This winter was one long artwork.  I produced a lot of work and it's been an inspired year that continues still.  

Right now, though,  I'm feeling the need to move and I've been on the lookout for a good pair of hiking shoes,  shoes that can become 'one with the rocks'.

I haven't been able to find anything suitable so 
I decided to make them.  

"Rock Climbers" shoes, rocks, copper, Kathleen Faulkner

Friday, May 14, 2010

Walking on Eggshells

"Walking on Eggshells" 10x8x2" sterling silver, paper, mica, photograph, shadowbox
Kathleen Faulkner

I'm in the process of registering my blog.  It is a bit confusing in more ways than one.  I feel, at times, like I'm walking on eggshells.  Please bare with me and thank you for viewing my blog.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greetings from Rialto Beach

"Rialto Beach"  21x23"  oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner

One of my favorite places to run away to is Rialto Beach.  Located near La Push, it is home to the Quileute Indian Nation (Wolf People), some of the best rocks on the planet, the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic National Forest.
It is a Destination but, whenever I've been there, I've had the place pretty much to myself.  Maybe it's because I usually visit in the winter.

It is rugged, intensely beautiful and the air constantly smells of ocean. The beach is covered with rocks that, some might say,  could have the ability to heal hidden wounds.

Wild and windblown, this place is literally a breath of fresh air that is a tonic for a weary soul.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Regarding Mother

"Snoqualmie Pass" 21x23" oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner

It was deep into spring and we were heading over the pass. Suddenly, a last, late snowfall, early morning sunshine and a nice slice of wind swooped us. It was beautiful yet unnerving, as if the elements were emotions.

Snow is unusual for that time of year and I'm sure my state of mind added to the mood. Our friend had died and we were on our way to a funeral.  One minute deep in thought and gazing out the window then the next,  paying attention.   

It brought to mind some questions I wonder about from time to time:  Do trees feel pain?  Can animals  show compassion?   Does Mother Earth know when her children die and,  if so,  does she mourn?  

"Snoqualmie Pass II" 21x23" oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For The Children

"Dancing Trees" 28x32" oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner

I recently heard about a new type of school called The Forest school. Kids learn outside in the woods all day, every day, rain or shine.  I can see it now:  little kids in rain gear, eating lunch on a tarp in the rain.. Not such a bad thing if you're a kid hungry for adventure.  I can't think of any child that doesn't like to play in the rain or just be outside.
It is so easy to love and appreciate nature and wilderness when it has become a part of one's life: what's not to love?

Humans tend to fear the unknown.  Children making friends with a forest might end up being what saves us..

"The rising hills, the slopes,
of statistics
lie before us,
the steep climb
of everything, going up,
up, as we all go down.

In the next century 
or the one beyond that,
they say,
are valleys, pastures,
we can meet there in peace
if we make it.

To climb these coming crests
one word to you, to 
you and your children:

stay together
learn the flowers,
travel light"

                                                                               Gary Snyder,  Turtle Island

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost Cut My Lawn

'untitled' 17.5x17"  Kathleen Faulkner

"it happened just the other day
was gettin' kinda long
I could've said it got in my way
but I didn't and I wonder why
I feel like letting my Freak Flag Fly
I feel like I owe it to someone"

 So, in protest of the CORPORATION responsible for the most CATASTROPHIC oil spill in HISTORY,  I've decided to give my lawn to the deer.