Friday, May 21, 2010

A Snail Tale

There is an area down by the docks where I go to look for broken pottery, glass shards and miscellaneous flotsam.  It is interesting potential for jewelry.

I've heard that it used to be a dump site for the town - a bit unsettling if I think about it much.

I found it when I used to go to Flounder Bay Boatyard to visit Robert Sund, the Poet.  He lived in a very lovely little cabin in the lumber yard.  Everything about his place was a work of art and everything about him seemed to be a ceremony.

Sometimes we would visit outside in the yard while he'd hunt for those annoying snails that eat everything in sight and overwhelm the gardens here. 
They're everywhere, cause trouble and have no friends. Unlike most people, Robert would never kill them.  Instead, he'd collect them in a bowl and then take them across the street and over to the abandoned yard on the corner, wishing them well as he'd gently place them.   Very Buddhist

I first noticed that beach one day while traveling with Robert and the snails to their new home.

Ever since, I've made a point to go down and look.  There is always something.  My route takes me  by the place where Robert lived.  It has since been torn down and the new owners have built two 'cute' cottages in it's place but it will be Robert's home forever, in my mind.
Then, as I head for that beach, I pass by the 'dropping off place' and I always think of Robert and the snail tale.

"Flotsam" Neckpiece 30" sterling silver, glass shards, Kathleen Faulkner