Thursday, August 5, 2010


*'Birds of a Feather', Shadowbox with Brooch; Kathleen Faulkner

There are many thoughts among artists regarding the art community and what that means.  

Some see it as one nonstop, cutthroat competition.  Everyone wanting what someone else has/gets, congratulating, but feeling pangs of jealousy as the words come out.  Wondering out loud why one gets into a show but someone else doesn't, who deserves it and who doesn't. 

Then there are those who see this community as a 'tribe' that all artists belong to.  Most artists I know think like this.

We are all just trying to survive.  We, in the art community, all want the same things:  to be able to survive while having the time and inspiration to make art.  

That tells me that we are all on the same side and, like 'birds of a feather',  we should think about sticking together.

*Brooch: sterling silver, wood, paper, ink, colored pencil

This shadowbox is in the 'Birds' show at Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison, WA