Sunday, August 1, 2010


Although I made an effort to clean things up..  

This is the 'dirty' room and this is where sawing and filing happen. I've spent many an hour at this worktable 
sawing  sawing  sawing

filing   filing   filing.

It's also the room where I solder and buff,  hence the word, 'dirty'

A little further over to the right is the area where drilling happens.  
It is all done with a hand drill because I don't like noise.

Now we're in one of three miscellaneous rooms where all kinds of things get done.  

Here I'm set up to work on the scrimshaw neckpiece that I was planning to enter in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial exhibition, ' Journey's End'.  

It is a documentation of the flora and fauna found along their journey to the Pacific Ocean starting and ending at their point of origin. 

That particular piece was accepted into the show and it won first place in 'Other Mediums'.

'The Journals', sterling silver, fossilized walrus ivory,
 oil and printer's ink; Kathleen Faulkner