Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear Ruth,

*'Various Pins' various sizes and materials, Kathleen Faulkner

I was asked how I execute my ideas:  Do I draw and plan everything out before hand or do I just make it as I go?

The answer is both.  Although I mostly just make it as I go,  I sometimes draw ideas in my journal simply because, if I didn't, I'd forget the inspiration by the next day..  The pieces above were seat of the pants technique without any notes.
Shadowboxes  on the other hand, are always drawn out and planned ahead of construction.  Composition has to be considered differently  and dimensions.  I have a hard time with the construction of it.  I have to pay attention, switch my thinking.  Precision has always been a weak link and I prefer to create as I go, loosely.

Doing it my way can pose problems, though.  It is not a fun time when you've been working on something that you're really excited about only to find that the construction is not working. Craft demands excellent craftsmanship so planning ahead is required. The fish, for example, was a moment of curling a piece of wire that turned into a fish but, soldering the skin was difficult because I didn't plan it out.  

Working loosely allows me to let it go where it wants,  sometimes in a wanderlust direction.  Once it gets there I feel good.

*upper left hand clockwise:  ''To' 2.5x3", fine and sterling silver, patina; 'I Am A Fish' sterling silver, plastic, Kathleen Faulkner; 'Ridget' approx .5x1.5", sterling silver, driftwood, Kathleen Faulkner; 'Bird' sterling silver, copper, patina, Kathleen Faulkner