Sunday, August 14, 2011

Living in Paradise

'High Water' 17x17" oil and soft pastel, charcoal

It's mid August,  coolest spring and summer I remember.  This morning offers a glimpse of fall.

The rest of the country is wilted from high temperatures and no rain and some say that eventually 'environmental refugees' will migrate here because we still have an abundance of water and reasonable temperatures. 
The weather forecast is for rain yet I watch as the neighbor water his perfectly green lawn and wish for that water.   I am very careful with my allotment.  I have rain barrels that water my garden and we all know I don't water my 'lawn'.  I pay attention to every drop.  I imagine the  future possibilities.

In the town where I live the city council is pushing through a bottled water plant.  When I ask why they say, "It'll bring jobs."  

Someday we may dream of the old days, the days of water abundance and wish we had taken better care.