Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Livin' low

'Livin' Low'  18x18" oil pastel; Kathleen Faulkner

I seem to be in 'lowlife' mode.

I've always been partial to the underdog
all those under-appreciated irritants.

Let's continue our talk about barnacles, for example.  They are really not appreciated on manmade things and seem to be not good for much of anything.  
Whales appreciate them, though, because they clean the wounds on the whale's body, their own personal health care practitioners.

Then there is the little known fact that scientists are now making use of the barnacle's ability to absorb concentrations of heavy metals from the water.
One could say they are victims of service to their country. Hail the lowly barnacle!

Maybe sometime in the near future we will be appreciating those barnacles more than we now know.

Thids doesn't like her name so she is changing it to Orchid.

Today is a partial solar eclipse.