Wednesday, September 1, 2010


'Bead Necklaces' sterling silver, Kathleen Faulkner

My blog was hacked today.  It was a strange feeling, as if I'd been violated.  Well, I guess I was. chuckle.  The good news was that it was good stuff but I deleted it immediately.

It's always amazing to me that people I don't know read/view this blog.  Somehow I have this silly notion that only my friends see what I post.  Recently I installed a map that shows where in the world my posts are being viewed:  Malaysia, Australia, Finland, South America, Canada:  I'd be offended if I never had any Canadian viewers.

It all reminds me that, even though I'm here in my little safe place writing this and that, the world can be  very large and yet, we're all connected.

THANK YOU ALL for viewing my blog.  I appreciate it!