Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rock Solid

'Rock Solid'  20:x 2.5" sterling silver, beach rocks, elastic,
Kathleen Faulkner

Independence Day, 2010

I heard from a friend in Florida today.  He is down there cleaning birds as the gusher continues,  an immense and unimaginable horror: 76 days worth, so far.  The size of this disaster is larger than our entire Salish Sea region.  Imagine looking anywhere here and seeing oil.

It would have made a great science fiction thriller except for the fact that it is reality.  Truth is stranger than fiction  and scarier.
Most people are sick of hearing about it. We all know it and have seen the photos and it's a great big downer.

Now it's time for millions of birds to start their migration through that toxic death.  My friend is hopeful, though, as finally help is on the way: Super Skimmer.  We'll see.

And, even in the face of such a tragedy, there are still people demanding their American rights regardless the cost.

I ask the woman why she owns a Hummer.  She says,  "because I can."

'This is too big for anger
it's too big for blame
We stumble through history
so humanly lame'

Bruce Cockburn  from  'Postcards from Cambodia'