Saturday, July 24, 2010


I live in a tree near the Skagit river which flows into the Salish sea.  The view from here is breathtaking although I'm usually more interested in viewing my dinner.
Some days I can travel up to 300 miles.  I'm as fast as a car.  I am friends with the wind.  I play games with my friends, some of whom just stop in to visit on their way somewhere else.  I have a few friends that usually don't live here at all but, lately, seem to have taken a liking to this place.


Life is pretty good here on the Skagit.  Food is plentiful and  survival is fairly easy.

Since I am a bird, I don't understand politics but I do know about survival.    I know that it's warmer than it used to be and I find more shiny things to hoard than I used to.  Lately, though,  I've noticed more habitat for me and my friends thanks to Hedlins and others.

I've travelled around and I think this is the place to be.

We birds know about magic.


top down: 'Crow' colored pencil; 'Heron' colored pencil; 'Skagit Geese' photograph;  all images: Kathleen Faulkner