Sunday, May 9, 2010

Regarding Mother

"Snoqualmie Pass" 21x23" oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner

It was deep into spring and we were heading over the pass. Suddenly, a last, late snowfall, early morning sunshine and a nice slice of wind swooped us. It was beautiful yet unnerving, as if the elements were emotions.

Snow is unusual for that time of year and I'm sure my state of mind added to the mood. Our friend had died and we were on our way to a funeral.  One minute deep in thought and gazing out the window then the next,  paying attention.   

It brought to mind some questions I wonder about from time to time:  Do trees feel pain?  Can animals  show compassion?   Does Mother Earth know when her children die and,  if so,  does she mourn?  

"Snoqualmie Pass II" 21x23" oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner