Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greetings from Rialto Beach

"Rialto Beach"  21x23"  oil pastel, Kathleen Faulkner

One of my favorite places to run away to is Rialto Beach.  Located near La Push, it is home to the Quileute Indian Nation (Wolf People), some of the best rocks on the planet, the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic National Forest.
It is a Destination but, whenever I've been there, I've had the place pretty much to myself.  Maybe it's because I usually visit in the winter.

It is rugged, intensely beautiful and the air constantly smells of ocean. The beach is covered with rocks that, some might say,  could have the ability to heal hidden wounds.

Wild and windblown, this place is literally a breath of fresh air that is a tonic for a weary soul.