Monday, November 8, 2010

My two cents

'Halibut' 2x1.5" brooch, sterling silver, fossilized walrus ivory, printer's ink;
Kathleen Faulkner

Art's Alive is over now.  It was a long yet inspiring weekend.  I heard a lot of comments  about many things..

As an artist and appreciator and, once in a blue moon curator, I get to see three different perspectives in the art world.

The Deciders
Three of this year's Art's Alive shows were invitational.  In this case it was mostly committee rather than a curator selecting a group of artists for each show.  They factored many things into their decisions: space, theme, compatibility and, most importantly,  artists whose work they had seen and knew about .

If an artist sits back and expects the world to find them, it may not happen.  This is one reason why exposure is a good thing.

As with most everyone, this committee works within a very limited budget.  The committee is volunteer and their goal is to pull off a good show and make some money.

The Creators
The artist strives for recognition and inclusion.  Some get it and some don't.  Sometimes, the ones that don't, get hurt feelings, wondering 'why not them'.   I've found that, if an artist is not invited to be in a show, 99% of the time it's for reasons that have nothing to do with emotion, that is if the curator is even aware of their work.  Artists, on the other hand, tend to take it personally.

The Viewers
Then there's the adoring public.  Absolutely handy to have around.  More would be better. There are those who know and appreciate the arts and there are those who don't understand art but 'know what they like' and then, there are those that have no interest.  A good percentage of the appreciators are other artists..  We would be great art collectors if we had money.  The largest percentage, I think,  are those who don't really understand art but 'know what they like'

Bottom Line
We need to educate the public about art and it's processes and why it is an important part of our  lives.   It is food for the soul but many never taste it.

There is a reason art is expensive.  Most people have no idea of the time and expense that goes into the creation of art.  Knowledge of the process helps people understand.

Artists need to toughen up.  Someone of importance once said that if you don't have a pile of rejection notices on your desk you're not trying hard enough.   Add invitational to that, as well.

The Deciders need to keep up on the art scene, think out of the box and take chances.

That's my two cents  just for the halibut.