Thursday, August 19, 2010

You get the Picture

'The Original Sentinels' 23x22" oil pastel; Kathleen Faulkner

When looking at trees, what do we see?  

I love trees.  I see a magic in them:  having been born in the Northwest,  they're family.  I've given them a life with personality,  a higher consciousness.  I consider them Enlightened Beings:

but, who knows of the life of a tree

Usually trees are considered resources.  Viewed from an objective point of view, they're useful.  If damaged or disabled in some way, their value decreases.  There is no emotion attached to the harvesting. A tree's value to nature is seldom taken into account and this is generally how we consider most natural things.

Often, throughout history, we have regarded other humans this way.  Considerations as to value have been and still are:  financial worth, color, religion, sexual orientation, political views and on and on.  The value of persons to their people is seldom taken into account.

Resources, value and worth